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Questions: Dog Leg™ Scope Rail

Q: Will your Dog Leg Scope Rail fit my AK variant?

A: The Dog Leg™ scope rail was designed to fit most variants of the AK47 & 74 rifles. Please refer to the variant compatibility sheet on our website.


Q: Will my product come with installation instructions?

A: All Dog Leg™ scope rail and Hand Guard kits come with installation instructions. The installation instructions are also available on our website’s support page.


Q: Will a gunsmith need to install my Dog Leg™ scope rail?

A: No, the Dog Leg™ scope rail was designed for easy installation. The instructions included with the kit provide a short list of required tools and detailed steps for proper installation.


Q: What are the specifications of the picatinny rail on the Dog Leg Scope Rail?

A: The Picatinny rail is manufactured at MIL-STD-1913 providing a standard mounting platform for optics and accessories.


Q: Do your products satisfy 922R requirements?

A: Yes, our Hand Guard counts as one 922r compliant part. The Dog Leg™ scope rail and the rear peep do not count as 922R compliance parts.


Q: Can your rail system accommodate a left charging handle.

A: No, our Dog Leg Scope Rail cannot accommodate a left side charging handle without modification. The rail can be modified, but the rear most one inch (2.5cm) of the left side panel must be kept intact for stability.


Q: Can you ship international orders?

A: Yes, we can ship internationally. Products are exported from the United States in accordance with ITAR and the Export Administration Regulations. Any diversion contrary to United States law is prohibited.


Installation Questions: Dog Leg™ Scope Rail

Q: Will I be able to reinstall the original leaf sight?

A: No, the Dog Leg™ scope rail attaches in place of the original leaf sight. For a rear sight you may purchase the optional Basic Rear Peep Sight.


Q: Can I use my original release button?

A: No. Use the TWS supplied release button that comes with the Dog Leg Rail kit. The cam action release button is essential for proper function and return to zero.


Q: The Dog Leg Rail hinge fork screws are vibrating out?

A: Per the installation instructions, please use a thread adhesive on the screws. We recommend Loctite Blue.


Q: I did not use thread adhesive and I lost my Dog Leg™  screws. What size do I need to replace them?

A: Gen3 Dog Leg Rails:  The screw is a #8-32 x 5/16 socket-head cap screw and is readily available at most hardware stores. You can also purchase replacements on our store under "replacement parts".   Gen2 Dog Leg Rails: Gen-2 Front Tab Screws 8-32 x 1/4.


Questions: Hand Guard


Q: Do you have side rails that can be used with your Hand Guard?

A: Currently, we do not manufacture side rails, but we recommend the Magpul brand of side rails. You will need to use different size screws. The screws provided with the Magpul side rails will not work. You will need to replace with #8-32 x 3/8 socket-head cap screws.


Q: The barrel clamps that came with my Hand Guard Kit do not fit my barrel. Can I file them?

A: It is not advisable to file on the barrel clamps as alignment is critical. They can however, be re-machined by a competent local shop or sent in to TWS for machining to your specifications.


Questions: Optics

Q: What micro-dot sight will co-witness with your rear peep and the front sight post?

A: At this time there are three micro type red dot sights known to us that will co-witness with the standard front sight and our rear peep sight & they are:

  • Aimpoint Micro
  • Primary Arms Micro Dot
  • Bushnell Model TRS25

These micro-dots typically co-witness in the lower 1/3 of the sight window.


Q: How does your Dog Leg™ scope rail work with larger scopes?

A: The Dog Leg™ scope rail is a proven system when using larger scopes. We have used scopes up to 16X on AKs chambered in .308 and 7.62 x 54.

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