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The Sledge - All Aluminum Fixed Stock

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Whether shouldering your rifle or beating your way through a wall, the Sledge™ has you covered! Originally conceived for a foreign partner nation, the Sledge™ buttstock is the most rugged AK stock on the market. Designed to withstand the rigors of combat while significantly improving durability, capability and ergonomics over the AK's original stock. The Sledge's™ all aluminum construction ensures it can take the most punishing abuse without weighing you down.

The tube portion of the Sledge™ is raised for improved sightline and wrapped in a polymer sleeve to protect the shooter’s face from a rifle that's been baking in the sun all day or freezing in the snow. The Sledge's™ lack of moving parts means it’s beard friendly too. No more getting your beard snagged in the stock. The Sledge™ mounts to the rifle with a ramped block that smoothly guides the hand onto the pistol grip while eliminating pinch points.

The Sledge™ features an oversized storage compartment in the rear, large enough for batteries, cleaning kits or even a post battle cigar! The storage compartment is sealed by an extra-long threaded plug with an O-ring. The O-ring keeps moisture out while the extra-long threads ensure you'll feel the plug sticking out of the stock before it ever falls out completely. To ensure the plug is good and tight, it includes two ways to tighten. A slot for a bayonet or two pockets for shell cases. Either can be used as a wrench to tighten the plug. The Sledge™ also comes with 3 steel indexing QD sling sockets and a sling loop to give you the configuration flexibility you need.



  • Raised for improved sightline
  • Rugged all aluminum construction
  • Ramped interface block for improved ergonomics and comfort (no pinch points)
  • Storage compartment with water tight plug
  • Three indexing QD sling sockets and a sling loop
  • Polymer sleeve for comfort
  • Beard friendly, won't snag


  • Fits standard stamped receiver Russian pattern AKM / AK74
  • WILL NOT fit rifles with internal folding stock mechanism
  • WILL NOT fit Yugo pattern rifles.

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